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Welcome to Smiley's Pub. Here's how it is done

Contribute to the Scene

Search for a room that has the conversation you are looking for, or lurk around the house pages like /h/all or /h/walloffame to get a feel for what's around. If you are a social kind of folk, start a room if there isn't one you like and find some moderators to keep it going the way you want.

You will have a lot of control over the room that you start. The first users and content that you vote on will determine who your beginning influencers are. After a while changes will slow down and the community will stabilize, removing the influence of what you consider bad actors or content you don't wish to see succeed. Rooms at Smiley's are a collection of leaders more than a true democracy, though by being able to leave, the will of the people still matters.


Formating Posts: You can use something called Markdown. Here is a nice guide with everything you need https://guides.github.com/features/mastering-markdown/

User Pinging: If you need someone to get on your post you can use the Smiley's call to action syntax. For user pinging that looks like /u/username. That works in any comment.

Embedding content: Tags in new posts are used to make search easier for the most part. However some have a special meaning:

  • nsfw: instead of a thumb you will warn people that something is a little unsafe to view in front of others. A great tag to use if you want to avoid being banned.
  • image: if you linked an outside image this orders the post to embed it on smileys in the post
  • map: embeds a map link. Only Bing is supported at the moment
  • youtube/vimeo: embeds a video that was linked instead of just linking to it

Aio, quantitas magna frumentorum est