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/r/smileysupdates Update 0 0 10: User Ping and Anonymous Posting - subetei View New | View Hot

Tags Used: smileys, update, 0010

Feature changes:

- in any comment add /u/username to ping a user. they will get notified of the link in their sidebar in real time or when they next log in. Ping up to 3 times per comment

- relative dates added to posts and comments

- increased support for anonymous unlogged commenting


- improvements to search throughput

- comment counts on /h pages

- bugfix for private room creation. Now automatically adds creator of room to allowed list

- hover over added to explain circles for comment counts and such

- fixed bug where genserver events weren't expiring for things such as 'new' counts for subscribed to rooms

Posted 1 year ago
subetei 1 year ago: (edit) also.. - added timer to let you know when you can post again within the time limit. Here is an example user ping /u/subetei